Q What is Virgin Loyalty Card?

Virgin Megastore Loyalty Card entitles you to earn points for every Saudi Riyals (1 SAR) you spend in a single transaction at any Virgin store in Saudi Arabia (excluding the Airport store), whereby:

1 SAR spent = 1 Point in your account

Electronics and Multimedia 2 SAR spent = 1 Point in your account

Q How can I obtain my Virgin Megastore Loyalty Card?

Virgin Megastore Loyalty Card can be obtained for free at the cashiers in all Virgin megastores stores in Saudi Arabia

Q How can I start using my Virgin Megastore Loyalty Card?

After collecting your card from our stores, log on to: loyalty.virginmegastore.sa and click on the "Sign Up":

Enter your Card Number and Pin

Complete your personal details

Change your password


Log on to loyalty.virginmegastore.sa , and click on "Sign Up"

Complete your personal details

You will then receive the card by email

Go to the store to collect the physical card

Q How do I accumulate points in my account?

Just present your Card to the cashier before payment upon checkout. Your card will be swiped and the points will be automatically uploaded to your account.

Q What if I forget to present my card before payment?

If the card is not presented before payment, the points will not be reflected in your account.

Q Do I accumulate points for every product I buy from Virgin Megastore?

Program Members do not accumulate points:

On exchange of items

When purchasing with their Gift Card

When purchasing Tickets for Events

When purchasing products from the airport stores

Q Are my points immediately transferred to my account balance after any purchase?

When you purchase with any amount from Virgin Megastore stores your transaction points for the day will only be reflected in your balance 48 hours later.

Q Do points have an expiry date?

Points expire after 1 year from the date of accumulating them

Q How can I redeem my points?

Visit "Redemption plans" and choose your redemption plan from the list of options. Please note that you will not be able to choose a redemption plan unless you have accumulated the points needed. Ex for every 1000 points accumulated, you will get a eGift for SAR 25, for every 2000 points accumulated, you will be entitled for an eGift worth SAR 50 ect...

Once a redemption plan is chosen, click on "Redeem".

Your eGift number will appear below on the same page. Click on email eGift.

Show the eGift barcode to the cashier upon purchase.

Q How Can I obtain my Gift Card?

Visit loyalty.virginmegastore.sa and click on redeem points. You will receive the Gift voucher as a barcode by email. Either print the email or use your Smartphone to show the barcode to the cashier upon payment. The voucher is valid for 6 months

Q What if I want to return a product?

No refund policy will be applied to the products bought and registered on Virgin Loyalty Card. Only exchange policy will apply & no points will be accumulated on exchanged products

Q I forgot My Password

Click on "Forgot Password" and you will receive an email to reset a new password.

Q I lost/damaged My Card

If you know your card number, visit our store, give them your card number and they will issue for you a new card.

If you cannot remember your card number, contact us at limitless@virginmegastore.sa and we will assist you.

Q How can I issue a second card with the same account details?

This option is not available.

Q Can I deactivate my account?

Call us on 920008582

Q Can I merge my account with another account?

Each person should have a separate independent Loyalty account with unique information.

Q How can I Update/Change my info?

Log on to loyalty.virginmegastore.sa

Enter your card number & password

click on "View Profile" then click edit

Q I am facing difficulty connecting to Virgin Loyalty website/ a specific page on the website?

Kindly email us on limitless@virginmegastore.sa specifying the exact problem and we will revert back to your query immediately.

Q How can I contact you?

Q I am not a Saudi resident, but I travel frequently to Saudi Arabia. Can I become a member?

Yes. You can become a member, however you would be receiving communication only via e-mails, so please ensure you provide your email address

Q Can my organization become a member of the program?

No. The Loyalty Program's membership is restricted to individuals only and organizations cannot be enrolled as members.

Q Can I sign up for two Loyalty Cards under one account/name?

No, each member is entitled to only one Loyalty Card.

Q Is there a membership fee?

No. Membership is free for life.

Q How can I earn loyalty points?

You can collect loyalty points only at any of the Virgin Megastores in Saudi Arabia excluding the airport store with any purchase by using either cash or credit cards.

Q Can my loyalty points be converted to cash?

No. Your points cannot be converted to cash.

Q How can I check my loyalty points balance?

You can check loyalty your points balance through the following:

At the cash counter at any of the Virgin Megastores in Saudi ( Except the Airport branch)

Through the Website: loyalty.virginmegastore.sa when you visit "My Account"

Q Can I view my transaction online?

Yes. You will need to log in to your account and view the transactions under E-Statement.

Q Can I still collect points without my loyalty Card?

Yes, you can collect the points by presenting your card barcode sent to your email at the time your registered.

Q What if my transaction is blocked during purchase, and/or redemption?

Please contact us via email limitless@virginmegastore.sa or ask any of our staff for assistance.

* Terms and condition apply.